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Bite Joy, Fruit And Vegetable Joy, Food Supplement, Baby Food Recipe, Pacifier, Bite Joy

Bite Joy, Fruit And Vegetable Joy, Food Supplement, Baby Food Recipe, Pacifier, Bite Joy

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Product information:

Product Category: Fruits and Vegetables
Material: Silicone
Applicable age: more than 6 months
Caliber specifications: standard caliber
Caliber shape: other
Nipple flow rate: medium
Packing type: other

Product Features:
1. Absorb all kinds of foods other than milk, balance nutrition in an all-round way, and the baby grows up healthily.
2. Guide the baby to take the initiative to eat, which can cultivate the baby's independence and self-confidence from an early age. At the same time, it can also exercise the baby's mouth and hand coordination.
3. Promote the baby's vision, smell, taste and touch development. A variety of delicious foods with complete colors, aromas and tastes can effectively inspire the baby's taste development and fundamentally prevent the baby's partial eclipse.
4. Meet the physiological needs of babies over 4 months of age that the salivary enzymes are soaring and thirst for supplementary food, and satisfy the baby's instinct to grab food and eat.
5. Chewing affects the head and facial muscles, increases the blood circulation of the head, promotes brain development, and exercises the flexibility of the baby’s gums and tongue, relieves the baby’s teething discomfort, promotes the baby’s teething, changing teeth, and the facial features are correct. The baby speaks in advance to lay a good foundation.
6. Exercise your baby's sucking ability, increase lung capacity, and promote baby's physical development.
7. Help babies perceive various foods and the world through their mouths.
8. Silicone mesh bag, moderate mesh, safe and comfortable

Size information:

Size: Blue S, Blue M, Blue L, Green S, Green M, Green L, Orange S, Orange M, Orange L, Pink S, Pink M, Pink L

Packing list:

Pacifier x1

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